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Be Part of It!

LETUSWORK europe combines what belongs together: the skills of freelance trade workers and the jobs from major building projects. We form a new work group for each contract. You can be part of it all!

Become a Partner Now and Benefit!

Are you a freelance electrical trade worker or cable layer who is interested in working with us on our projects? Then please contact us today by using the following online contact form! Your information will only be used by us internally and not forwarded to third parties.

Further Info
You should bring the following documents with you to a personal interview with LETUSWORK europe :

  • Curriculum Vitae/ Professional History
  • Skill Certificates / Special Qualifications
  • Trade Registrations
  • Chamber of Commerce Registrations (IHK or HWK)
  • Certificate of Exemption
  • Proof of Liability Insurance
  • Official Identification
  • Photograph


Your Benefits

You focus on your craft, LETUSWORK europe takes care of getting the jobs
LETUSWORK europe acquires the job orders, negotiates contracts, puts together the work group, organizes building processes, creates invoices and defines guarantees and warranties. This lets you focus on what you do best - your craft.

You work your craft, LETUSWORK europe makes sure you are paid for it on time
LETUSWORK europe makes sure the money flows smoothly. A craftsmen working as a freelance partner with the LETUSWORK community earns good money and receives their payment and wages reliably and on time!

You perform your skill, LETUSWORK europe takes care of a good workplace environment.
LETUSWORK europe creates a trade worker's community, where working becomes a pleasure. Projects you can be proud of are waiting for you. Envy and competition are not the principles behind a work group but cooperation and willingness to help. We're proud to be building something together!

How it works

We are a community and earn together
Every project work group has their contract with the client. The contracts are monitored by LETUSWORK europe - from organization to invoicing and negotiating guarantees. For this service, LETUSWORK europe receives 14% of the income. The rest goes completely to the craftsmen in the work group.

Transparency is our guiding principle
There are no hidden fees or commissions. None of our freelance craftsmen pre-finance projects. LETUSWORK europe negotiates contracts with our clients so that invoicing and payment occur regularly at intervals of 14 or 30 days. Our prices are at the EU marketplace average.